Dear Ms. Dolly Parton...

"Dear Ms. Dolly Parton,
I am madly in love with you. Will you marry me? That would make me very happy.

With much love,

Woohoo! Last night I was checking out 9 to 5: The Musical's website and stumbled across an article about an album that one of the leading actresses, Stephanie J. Block, released. And on this album was a wonderful song by the name of "I Will Always Love You". Recognize that name, right? But did you know that Whitney Houston did NOT write the song? Guess who did! DOLLLY PARTON! Yeah, so anyways, this version of the song was sung by not only Stephanie J Block (an amazing singer) but Dolly Parton also! How great is that? Dolly and Stephanie sing together! (Haha, that sounds like some tv show for little kids.) Anyways, I felt it was worth sharing, so I decided to post it here.

Yeah, it doesn't get much better than that, does it? It's a wonderfully gorgeous song.

Speaking of songs, I was playing around on the piano last night and came up with a really pretty chord progression, and eventually wrote a song. Now all it needs is words. However, I'm not quite sure how those are gonna turn out. I'm not the greatest lyric-writer in the world... But we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Well, gotta skitter. I'm being told that I've been on the computer too much today. See ya later!


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