Ever seen a book that had light-up pages?

If you have, congratulations for you.

I, on the other hand, have not.

Anywayyyys... Sorry about being such a terrible blogger. I get busy, and there didn't seem to be much traffic on this blog. Hence the reason it didn't appear in the list of things to do that my brain makes every morning. So. Time for a rundown of Duncan's life at the moment.

1. School has started. To tell you the truth, as much as I hate getting up early, I actually enjoy this year a lot. I have some pretty cool classes. And art class is always uber fun. Rice's room is my second home. AND, I found my 'Book' from last year. My 'Book' is a old art textbook that Rice had in his classroom. He gave it to me and told me I had to fill it with art before the end of senior year. I did this awesome collage in the front of words, and some random models' heads thrown in there. So, yeah, pretty excited about having that again.

2. School has started, which means... show choir! As much as people sometimes complain about it, I personally like show choir. Yes, it does sometimes get tedious. But I like the songs (usually), and I always love singing. And let's face it. A cappella singing (if performed well) is always outstanding to listen to, regardless of the song. So it's fun to be a part of this.

2. Two?! What is that two doing there? This is definitely not number two. Let me try again.

3. (There. That's better.) This blog really should have more followers. Just saying.

4. It's wonderful to be blogging again. I enjoy putting my thoughts out there for everyone to read. It's like several paragraphs of just my opinion. That's always reassuring. Makes you feel like you're a decent person. I really should be thanking someone (another decent person) for getting me started on blogging. This person is an absolutely wonderful human being. No one's perfect, but regardless, she's always willing to listen to what I have to say, and kick me if I don't get something done. Any guesses who this wonderful person is? Oh yeah, that's right. Danielle. For all you... uneducated... people out there, her blog can be found here. Check it out for me, okay? Kay.

5. Agatha Christe is a wonderful author. You really should read more of her books. They're completely enthralling detective mysteries. And I know a lot of those are predictable. NOT AGATHA! You try and guess, thinking "Hah! I've got this book figured out. You're supposed to predict this guy, so the obvious choice is that lady in the red dress." Then, of course, she gives you an answer. And five pages later, you find out that actually ISN'T the answer. But I don't want to give too much away. Take a peek at her books when you get a chance.

6. I still love Dolly Parton. Just saying.

All right, that's enough for tonight. Go sleep, okay? Sleep is always good. A teenager should get 9+ hours a night.

With much love and admiration (maybe),


Islands are nice...

Okay, so I'm going to Monhegan Island tomorrow. My aunt lives there, so we're going on a trip to visit her. I haven't been in years. I don't even really remember it. All I remember is a truck. Which is a very weird memory to have. Anywho, I'm going out there tomorrow first thing. So waking up at 6:30 is not going to be fun. But islands are fun, so that will make up for it.

Oh, I'm also getting new converse tomorrow. That will be a wonderful thing to get. I love getting new shoes. It makes me feel so cool and hip. Haha. Then I wear them around and they get all dirty and ripped out, and I don't feel hip anymore. My dad's picking them up, however, because I'm going to be on Monhegan, and he works close to a store that sells them for cheaper than other stores. Hopefully they'll be decent. I've told him exactly what I want though, so one can hope that he'll get the right kind. I HAVE FAITH IN YOU, FATHER!

I think I've exhausted the current events of my life at the moment. I know this is a short post, but I don't really want to ramble on about nothing (well, not anymore than I have already).

Au revoir!


Dear Ms. Dolly Parton...

"Dear Ms. Dolly Parton,
I am madly in love with you. Will you marry me? That would make me very happy.

With much love,

Woohoo! Last night I was checking out 9 to 5: The Musical's website and stumbled across an article about an album that one of the leading actresses, Stephanie J. Block, released. And on this album was a wonderful song by the name of "I Will Always Love You". Recognize that name, right? But did you know that Whitney Houston did NOT write the song? Guess who did! DOLLLY PARTON! Yeah, so anyways, this version of the song was sung by not only Stephanie J Block (an amazing singer) but Dolly Parton also! How great is that? Dolly and Stephanie sing together! (Haha, that sounds like some tv show for little kids.) Anyways, I felt it was worth sharing, so I decided to post it here.

Yeah, it doesn't get much better than that, does it? It's a wonderfully gorgeous song.

Speaking of songs, I was playing around on the piano last night and came up with a really pretty chord progression, and eventually wrote a song. Now all it needs is words. However, I'm not quite sure how those are gonna turn out. I'm not the greatest lyric-writer in the world... But we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Well, gotta skitter. I'm being told that I've been on the computer too much today. See ya later!


Who invented these things anyways?

All right, so my siblings are at a day camp in a town 45 minutes away. Guess what that means? My mom has to drive them there and back. Guess what else that means? My mom doesn't want to drive back and forth twice a day for a week. So guess where we end up? At the library! And guess who gets to tag along? That's right. Me.

Granted, libraries aren't that bad. When they're in your own town, that is. But a random library in a town that you don't live in isn't much fun. For one thing, I don't have a library card. So that means no checking anything out. For another thing, the library's a third of the size of my town's library. I've been stuck at a table all week long doing my summer assignments and attempting to use Facebook through the slow internet connection. Not on my list of exciting things to do this summer. So why don't I stay home? Well, this is the place where the internet is. My mom turns off the airport when she's not home. If I want to use the internet, I gotta go here. The moral of the story? Libraries in different towns aren't a great place to hang out during the summer.

Who invented the "No-Talking" rule in the library anyways? Libraries have been around for forever. But I'm pretty sure they weren't all quiet. They should have a loud section of the library for people like me who have trouble being quiet for hours on end. One half of the library would be for the people who want to have quiet time. And the other half would be for people like me. They don't even need to keep the books in there. That saves the quiet people from complaining about having to enter the loud side. Us loud people could bring the books in there ourselves. I think that would be a wonderful compromise. I'm going to write a letter to the governor. (Actually, a place like that already exists. It's called the children's area. But I can't go there anymore. "I'm a big kid now!")

I like having my own laptop. I don't have to be told to get off by that guy from the front desk who tells people that there's a waiting list for the computer. I'm not a huge fan of this guy. The other librarians aren't bad. But this guy isn't my favorite. Although he did help an elderly lady around the library. She was so cute! I love old people. Maybe I should apply for a job at a retirement home.

All right. I've said enough for now. Toodles!